Larry Gatlin Of The Gatlin Brothers Sings His Way Through Exclusive Interview!

“I got him fooled people, that’s what I’m talking about” was Larry Gatlin’s response when introduced as one of the ‘nicest people in country music’ during an exclusive interview (below) at the ACM Awards Radio Row, powered by Ram Truck Brand.

Everything is a song for the easy-going country legend (can we call him that without insulting?) When host Grunwald asked ‘Can I put my arm around you’ Larry breaks out into verse “are you lonesome tonight.”

Reggae's Gone Country

Reggae's Gone Country

Gatlin talks about what a crazy thing it was to be part of a reggae album. ¬†“You know Charlie Pennachio is John Rich’s ears, Charlie scours the internet and finds these new kids – they found this kid Romain Virgo from Jamaica – a rastafarian¬†kid – and they contacted him and asked if he knew the Gatlin Brothers and Romain breaks out into ‘All the gold in Caleefornea.'”

“I was very honored, he’s a great young man – got to work with those reggae players, it’s (country music) all over the world folks” he jokingly adds “and parts of Wisconsin!” ¬†

Watch the great video of “California” with Larry Gatlin and Romain Virgo:

Larry tells us that “the Brothers and I still touring, quit for about 10 years and started back up about 10 years ago – we love to sing with each other, we’re having a ball, and grateful to the fans.”

Watch the entertaining exclusive interview with Larry Gatlin here:


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