Darryl Worley Reveals Details On TV Pilot!

Sounds like we may be seeing more of Country artist Darryl Worley in his true element, sporting hip waders and rain boots when a new reality show, in the works, kicks off.  We managed to pull a little more information during an exclusive interview at the ACM Awards Radio Row.

Worley talks about new music, his brand new single called “You Still Got It,” to which he quickly interjects “my wife’s still got it that’s why I wrote it,” and a new album coming out in May or June.  He also slips about  “working on some reality pilots for TV.”

All Darryl could reveal about the TV pilot (which was quite a bit) was to  “go to GAC.com watch my “Day Jobs” episode – I used to  be a commercial fisherman, and I took them on a commercial fishing trip, and you’ll see a little of what it’s going to be about, it’s called River People.”

Watch the entire interview with the very personable, Darryl Worley, and find out about his “toe modeling” job.  “The whole toe thing didn’t go so well for me, my wife was not impressed, when I told her I was just messin’ with the girls, she told me ‘don’t mess with the girls with your feet!”

Ram Powers Country music host Casey Freelove talks RAM trucks with Darryl, “I got one at the farm, big ol’ dually. Actually we’ve had two of ’em, my dad used the first one as a ram and rammed into a guy at a 4-way stop, didn’t really hurt our truck to bad cause it’s a RAM, but it tore the other one up pretty bad.”


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